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3. (20 points total). The following diagram shows one software process model we have studied. a. What is the name of this model? b. Briefly describe this model (how it advocates doing development) c. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of this model compared to the Waterfall model a. (5) Incremental development model b. (10) Systems should be developed incrementally, adding functionality and complexity step by step. Explain these things c. (5) Advantages: Allows for simpler testing as functionality is added in phases. Allows for greater prioritization of development, ensuring key functionality will
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Unformatted text preview: be available to clients if deadlines slip. More similar to the way most teams do development. Disadvantages: More complex model (waterfall is simpler to understand). Potential for less detail planning up-front as each phase is only examine din detail at the beginning of said phase. Less room for coordination between functions/modules/classes, as some may be done and backtracking is frowned upon. In Waterfall model, all development would occur concurrently. Phase Analyze requirements Test whole Implement Design Test units Integrate 1 2 3 867 868...
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