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midterm note - Unit testing • To have confidence in your...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit testing: • To have confidence in your code • To produce better code faster • To write code that is testable • To find bugs faster- How to write test : • Write the tests as you go • Write the test before you write the code Right-BICEP • Right – Are the results right? • B – Are all the boundary conditions correct? Reviews and Test Plan:- Design review : Build user interface prototype and demonstrate to user, screenshot, UML - Refactoring - Improve code without changing behavior -> Improve readability, understandability, performance. - Change: Variable names, Pull out blocks of code to functions.- When to Refactor : Programmers have individual style, When looking for a bug- Unit Testing: Test lots of cases, Test a little bit of code. - Want to Test that the Unit : Correctly performs its function, Performs properly at boundary conditions, is robust. Testing Techniques:- Why White-Box Testing : well-written programs have one to three bugs for every 100 statements, It is impossible to determine whether portions of...
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