Mythology Notes - Mythology-1600 BC 600/700 AD is the time...

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Mythology -1600 BC- 600/700 AD is the time that the texts cover -mythos= utterance that is worth repeating and remembering Have a beginning, middle and end and expresses causation and often a location -can categorize mythos as: Religious: explanations for rituals Historical: events in past Scientific: explanations of natural phenomenon Psychological: why people behave the way they do Sociological: why other nations are different than the Greeks Origins of Greek Mythology Greek mythology sets the standard for our culture’s reception of ALL mythologies a. in texts called “the Classics” sanctioned by education b. in mainstream art and architecture c. in popular culture (Disney, etc) -Greek mythology predominates over other mythologies BC it is not linked with a religion Did not die with the ancient non-Christian Greeks d. Embedded in paideia= what you do to children to educate them. Greek literature was the vehicle for education Taught Homer in school. Learned how to speak and dance. ** ESSAY =Does the ability to read, write and speak really give the person an educational edge? Does familiarity with the “classical” texts enhance one’s life? Why? Or why not? When Christianity became the religion of the state AD 330, what happened to Greek The mythologem: A recurring pattern in a myth/narrative Christianity: a blessed truth and the core of truth Buddhism: Jataka (birth) sotries in which suffering is a step in enlightenment Hinduism: an aition (story/myth explaining a natural phenomenon) explaining a representation in art Norse: Odhin’s eye Greek: Prometheus Bounds What makes a Greek a Greek? The use of the Greek language Traces of Greek language: earliest- 1400 BC on island of Crete, next 1200 BC on mainland of Greece. Assume Greeks in Greece from 2100 BC bc archaeological evidence
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Mythology Notes - Mythology-1600 BC 600/700 AD is the time...

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