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McClure 1 Erin McClure Ms. Linzie Wells English 110 21 October 2007 Controversial Equality: The Fight for Gay Rights around the Globe In today’s society, there has been substantial progress in the field of human rights, and many steps have been taken toward a world filled with equal opportunities for every individual. In the rights of formerly oppressed African-Americans and women of the United States, advanced progress has been made, but for homosexuals such as Reza, a recent interviewee from Iran, this equality has not yet been achieved. As the breakthrough interview with Reza, an oppressed gay man demonstrates, society maintains different views regarding the gay community, and homosexual men and women deserve to have basic human rights such as happiness, safety, and the right to raise a family. In many countries around the world, the gay community is becoming increasingly well accepted by the mainstream population, and nations such as South Africa, and Mexico, as well as many European countries have made vast improvements in equality towards all people, including gays. It is currently no longer considered a rarity for a nation to permit gay marriage ceremonies, or to accept couples in a same sex relationship. In comparison to the substantial progress made are the many nations which remain intolerant of the culture. The United States has only a single state allowing gay marriage, and just two states permitting homosexual civil unions. Although these measures in the northeast states are a crucial step to national progression, this statistic
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McClure 2 ranks the U.S. behind numerous countries in human rights development. As a country of immense power, it is necessary for the United States to begin a revolution in its way of thinking. A leader of the world in many areas, the United States sets an example for the majority of the globe. However far behind the U.S. may seem in the human rights race, one cannot deny the progress that has been made. “Americans' attitudes toward homosexuality, civil unions, and same-gender marriages are slowly crystallizing. As with race relations and women's rights, over the past twenty-five years Americans' stance toward gay men and lesbians has become more positive, while at the same time many continue to oppose targeted policy and specific rights for this group”(Avery Para. 1). These small steps are crucial to the United States’ development in comparison to the rest of the world, as it is nicknamed “Land of the Free.” Whether or not the United States can offer as much freedom for homosexual men and women in the same way as other countries remains a global issue, however, some nations not only disallow gay rights, they maintain punishment toward those who practice an alternative lifestyle. These harsh penal systems are intimidating to gay culture and a clear indication of international intolerance of diverse individuals. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are examples of a few basic human rights denied to homosexual
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research paper - McClure 1 Erin McClure Ms Linzie Wells...

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