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sociology song analysis - Erin McClure Song Analysis Winter...

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Erin McClure Song Analysis Winter 2008 In Disney’s feature film Mulan , there is a song entitled: Honor to Us All . Vocals were performed in the movie and on the soundtrack by: Beth Fowler, Marnie Nixon, Lea Salonga and a small chorus. I chose this song because of the lyrical descriptions given of how women are treated and viewed in traditional Chinese culture. It is almost startling to hear about the life of a Chinese woman in comparison to that of a modern-day American woman. Chinese women maintain a similar image to nineteenth-century western women, that of merely a beautiful wife and mother. Some sociological issues presented in the song include those of gender roles and gender socialization, and the impact of the family unit on Chinese culture. In order to understand this song from a sociological perspective, one should know the definitions of these basic concepts and how to relate them to issues in the world. The song represents a Chinese woman’s role in society and some reasons why the female stereotyped role may have become that way. The song Honor to Us All is about the Chinese family unit, the war occurring in the country at that time, and the roles both men and women play in those circumstances. The foremost issue confronted in the song is that of gender, the culturally and socially constructed difference between males and females found in beliefs or what embodies femininity and masculinity. Since gender is defined differently in every culture, the gender roles of the Chinese are unique to that culture. Gender Roles are the attitudes and behaviors defined as socially
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sociology song analysis - Erin McClure Song Analysis Winter...

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