Lab 12 - Resonance

Lab 12 - Resonance - James Maltese Rebecca Rideout Rachel...

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James Maltese Rebecca Rideout Rachel Matyisin Derek Mitchell Austin Jacobs Lab Experiment 12 Resonance Mode of a Stretched String Lab Meeting: Tuesdays 11:00am-1:00pm
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Purpose This lab experiment is intended to verify the variation of the frequency of a vibrating string with its length, the tension in the string, and the mass per unit length. Theory When a wave travels along the length of a stretched string that is attached to a frame at one end, the wave will be reflected back when it strikes the end. The reflected was will then interfere with the originating waves. Therefore, the resultant waveform will just be the sum of the originating wave and the reflected wave. When the waves from the origin and the reflected meet, they produce a wave that is double the amplitude at certain points along the string and is zero at other points. This is what is known as a standing wave because there is no propagation of the waveform along the string. Each point of the string oscillates up and down with its displacement determined by whether the interfering waves are reinforcing or canceling each other. At certain frequencies of oscillation, all the reflected waves are in phase, resulting in a very
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Lab 12 - Resonance - James Maltese Rebecca Rideout Rachel...

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