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Cory Jackson Block B 10/18/05 My Moment in History October 27 th , 2004, a day all Bostonians will remember. Eighty-six years, the Boston Red Sox waited eighty-six whole years to capture the World Series trophy. Some say there was a curse, and some say it was Bill Buckner’s fault. Although, everyone in Boston forgot about the “Curse,” and Bill Buckner when the Sox won it. It was 11:40 when the weight was lifted off of Boston. I had never felt happier in my life. I wasn’t just happy for myself, but for all of Boston, and especially the players and alumni of the Boston Red Sox. One thing I remember about the World Series was my father. He was growing his hair out until the sox won it all. My mom would ask him everyday to cut it but he said he would not until they had won.
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Unformatted text preview: This was a major part of history in my life because I had never seen a sport bring so many people together as one. Boston was so used to the Sox blowing it. They were always expected to fall to the Yankee’s. In the 2003 season, the Sox made it to the ALCS series to face the Yankees. Both teams battled it out to 7 games. It came down to the bottom of the eleventh. Aaron Boone came to the plate with no outs. The score was all tied up at five. Pedro Martinez delivered with a fastball, and Boone exploded on it. The Yankees had defeated the Red Sox, once again. Red Sox fans everywhere were devastated. No one could talk about the game the next day. It was like talking about a death in the family or something....
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