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argumentative essay - The F.B.I. Is Reading over Your...

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The F.B.I. Is Reading over Your Shoulder Zara Gelsey writes about an important and current issue and uses good evidence which relates to her readers, however her language is, at times, very academic which would make it difficult for some of the general public to understand. In the beginning of her essay she catches your attention with, “I hate the feeling of someone reading over your shoulder.” She then explains that it is distracting and that it changes her response to the text. This is a very good introduction because it catches the reader’s attention with something they can relate to. Also, it expresses everyone’s fear of the government watching everything we do and gets to the purpose of her essay very quickly. Her subject was that the F.B.I. is infringing our rights by inspecting the books we read and intimidating us by doing so. She goes on to say that the F.B.I. under the Patriot Act gained the authority to check the records of books you check out from the library to make sure you are not reading books about how to build a bomb or other “suspicious” books. Her thesis was much more difficult to locate but it was, “The A.L.A. [American Library Association] sees the new policy [of checking reading records] for what it is: blatant intimidation of patrons.” The thesis is debatable and complex enough to argue. It is also her opinion of what the F.B.I. is trying to
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argumentative essay - The F.B.I. Is Reading over Your...

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