Greek and Roman Law

Greek and Roman Law - Greek and Roman Law Paul Collison...

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Greek and Roman Law Paul Collison History 101
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Roman and Greek laws were both successful in their times and had strong points along with weak points. However I believe that Roman law was superior to that of the Greeks. Greece started the main idea of democracy and many of the laws that ended up being used in the Roman society were originally based on those of Greece along with other civilizations they conquered. Greece had important political reformers such as Draco, Solon, and Pericles who made reforms to laws such as making the punishments for crimes fair and an appeals process for citizens who felt they were wrongly accused. Roman law such as the Twelve Tables lists the crime and punishment for laws in Rome. Roman imperial law was much more militaristic than the democratic government of Greece. Greece started as a group of city-states each unified as Greece but ruled themselves separately. Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful and important of these city-states. Athens was very democratic and if you lived in Athens you were expected to be a part of the government process. They appointed government officials by a lottery and required that a minimum of six thousand citizens are present to vote on any legal issue. Athenian men were the only ones eligible to hold any government office and women had no specific place in the government whatsoever. A slave’s rights were different than that of Greek citizens and usually a crime against a slave required only that you compensate the slave’s owner to make up for work the slave could not do. Sparta was also democratic but not as much as Athens.
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Greek and Roman Law - Greek and Roman Law Paul Collison...

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