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Thomas Aquinas - Thomas Aquinas Paul Collison History 101...

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Thomas Aquinas Paul Collison History 101
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St. Thomas Aquinas was a friar of the Roman Catholic Church. He was born in 1225 and died in 1274. He studied philosophy and theology at both the University of Paris and University of Naples (Plucker). He was a philosopher and theological mind who came up with many ideas that are still used in Roman Catholicism today. While his most famous teachings are those which deal with the idea of natural truth and relevant truth, he also had ideas focused on the way students should be taught to maximize their understanding, along with an idea on the purpose of the existence of humans. At first his works were prohibited by universities because of their new and controversial messages however, today he is considered one of the great thinkers of the Middle Ages. St. Thomas had many ideas which were somewhat unheard of at the time. Not only regarding religion, his came up with the idea that in order for a student to learn to their full potential, the instructor must teach in a way that will stimulate the students mind (Plucker). His most famous teachings however were those of natural truth and revealed truth. Natural truth was truth that could be determined through human reasoning (Levack). These were things such as mathematics and other things that could be determined scientifically. The basic understanding is that natural truth can be proven or disproven by the scientific or commonly known knowledge of the time. Other things which could not be explained scientifically were therefore considered revealed truth. Revealed truth is anything that can only be understood through religious revelation
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Thomas Aquinas - Thomas Aquinas Paul Collison History 101...

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