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Handbook Assignment - the last 5 years and I believe that...

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Jim Baugh 5/7/2009 Handbook Assignment 1. District information, Employment information, Compensation and benefits, Leaves and absences information, employment conduct and welfare, termination of employment, and student issues. 2. I compared San Angelo and Wall ISDs. Wall had much more specific information in there handbook. They seem to be a bit stricter and it shows. They have travel reimbursements and dress code in their handbook where I couldn’t find it in the San Angelo one. 3. The parts in both handbooks where they speak upon dietary supplements and psychiatric drugs. I figure that would have to be a new addition probably put in within
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Unformatted text preview: the last 5 years and I believe that it is useful to know exactly what not to say to students about things like that. Also the part about harassment because this day and age it seems everything can be filed I a court of law, so to know what not to do or say is very helpful. 4. Probably the dress code at Wall just kind of shows that they are a little stricter at their school and have their kids lined out and already know what is expected in contrast to the San Angelo where the dress code is a little vague and you don’t know really what you are getting into....
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