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SWA #5 - of being lazy and having little self-control His...

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Steven Murphy Ms. Wetzel English 101, Section 87 October 18 th , 2007 SWA #5 In Eric Oliver’s, “Why We Hate Fat People”, many sad truths about American popular culture are brought to light. The treatment of obese American’s in this country is tragically un-American, and as Oliver compared, today’s treatment of obese people is comparable to the treatment of minority groups during the harsh days of segregation. Weight has turned from something characteristic about a person to, “a convenient way for middle-class people to assert their moral superiority and boost their self-image, it also served to rationalize the social inequalities that exist between various social groups.” As I read the argument Oliver made in his essay, I myself felt guilty of using weight as a division of our social classes, and found myself guilty of accusing fat people
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Unformatted text preview: of being lazy and having little self-control. His argument is absolutely correct in my case and I was able to very easily relate to everything he said in the essay. If the reader however, did not share the opinion of Oliver and me, they cannot argue with the statistics he presented. By quoting that, Body sizes also vary consistently by education and income levels-27 percent of high school dropouts are obese compared to only 16 percent of college graduates, he proves that obesity can and is related to income, class, and social standing. His statistics and polling were placed in the paper to make the reader feel guilty of committing the very insensitive acts of classifying fat people as being less worthy than the skinny middle-class, and are very effective in doing so....
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