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9/24/07 Test 1 Review Absolute- story in just musical terms o Symphonic poem- highest type Program- tells story o Orchestra-highest type Liszt- father of symphonic poem o Theme transformation- use of one or more themes for entire composition o Transcription- arrangement of one movement from one theme to another o Based on chromatic scale o Piano-orchestral (wanted piano to sound like orchestra) o Les praves- was the granddaddy of all symphonic poems Berlioz- Frenchman o Creation of modern orchestra
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Unformatted text preview: o Development of program symphony o Fantastic symphony 5 movements, most have 4 o Held together by fixed idea • Saint-Saens o Wrote in every musical catergory o Used graphic representation o Beginnings of realism o Carnival of animals o Dance macabre • Wagner o Wrote 13 operas o Light motiv (did not invent) o Used the chromatic system to extreme • Ricard Strauss o Father was a famous horn player o Is not to be confused with Yohan Strauss...
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