Test 3 Review

Test 3 Review - o 12 tones system(known how it works • V6...

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Test 3 Review Expressionism Tonality (poly- chief is Strevinsky) Flexible rhythm 3 classes of composers o Past o Radicals o New/old ideas If asked about composer group (all in three except Strevinsky and Sturrenburg. .which are in two altonality) Strevinsky o Changed style constantly o Fireworks-impressionistic o Firebird, Getruska, Spring o Symphony of songs o Scertzo a la ruz o Influenced many Bartov o Folk music o Wanted to make piano sounds like percussion o Pieces about the night o Concierto for orchestra o 3 rd piano concierto (for his wife) o Strings, percussion, and chesleste (country night) o Miraculous mandarin (city night) Paul o Admired Bach o 20 th century Bach o He could play every instrument of orchestra o Wrote sonata for each instrument o Thought everyone should make music not just listen to it o Fled Nazis and joined Yale University o Mathos the painter- made symphony Ist movement- concert of angels Trombone sonata Viola sonata Arnold o Romantic, wrote like German o Atonal= combo of voice and speed based upon 21 exp. Poems
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Unformatted text preview: o 12 tones system (known how it works) • V6 o Revolted against Romanticism and expressionism o 6 young composers Milo,Brazilian and American jazz African folk, jazz, Dixie Bull on roof- Brazilian folk tunes • Arthur o Outdoors o Choral opera (based on King David) o Devouche o 3,2,1 (transcontinental train) o No harmonies, just sound • Pulog o Best of all o Funny music o Flute and piccolo o Les Biches- ballet (house party) o Piano concierto for two o Gloria (religious work) o Harpsichord- rustic concert • Russians o Sot realism Dmitri • Admired Beethoven • Themes were gay or grotesque • Symphony no. 5 (most popular) Sergei • 5 points about his style • Classical symphony as Mozart may have written • 3 rd piano concierto • Love for oranges (sweet for orchestra) • Perhovia – fairytale (peter and the wolf)...
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Test 3 Review - o 12 tones system(known how it works • V6...

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