History Test Review - 23. Chicago Worlds Fair of 1892? 24....

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Please bring a Scantron and Pencil U. S. History 164 Review – Chapters 17, 18, 19 – Dr. Crimm 1. Indians of the Plains – who were they, where were they? 2. Impact of the white settlers on the buffalo/bison? 3. Policy of the American government toward Indians? 4. Creation of the railroads? 5. Conflict between Indians and whites? 6. Sibley Massacre – who, when, where? 7. Chivington Massacre – who, when, where? 8. Fetterman Massacre – who, when, where? 9. Custer’s Massacre – who, when, where? 10. Chief Joseph’s Defeat – who, when, where? 11. Sitting Bull and Ghost Dance – who, when, where? 12. Wounded Kneww – who, when, where? 13. Wovoka – who, when, where? 14. Helen Hunt Jackson? 15. Transcontinental Railroad – who, when, where? 16. Homestead Act? 17. Increased production for farmers on the plains? 18. Decreased production for farmers on the Plains? 19. Mexican-Americans in the Southwest? 20. Cowboys in the West? 21. Oklahoma Land Rush? 22. Theodore Roosevelt, Owen Wister, Frederick Remington and the West?
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Unformatted text preview: 23. Chicago Worlds Fair of 1892? 24. Infrastructure 5 parts? 25. Thomas Edison? 26. Andrew Carnegie 27. Horatio Alger and the myth 28. Cornelius Vanderbilt 29. John D. Rockefeller 30. J. Pierpont Morgan 31. Vertical Integration/Horizontal Integration 32. Laissez Faire 33. Social Darwinism 34. Interstate Commerce commission 35. Sherman Anti-Trust Act 36. Homestead Strike who, when, where? 37. Haymarket Bombing who, when, where? 38. B&O Railroad Strike who, when, where? 39. Pullman Strike who, when, where? 40. Knights of Labor 41. American Federation of Labor 42. Advertising and marketing 43. Women in the marketplace 44. Changes in Immigrants to the U.S. 45. Social Thinkers and alternatives 46. Cult of domesticity 47. Higher Education changes 48.Machine Politics 49. Social Gospel Movement 50. Settlement House Movement 51. Working Class Leisure...
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History Test Review - 23. Chicago Worlds Fair of 1892? 24....

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