World War I

World War I - -Prime Minister Lloyd Changing...

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World War I 1914-1918 War In Europe The Black Hand- Terrorists- to free Serbia from Austria -Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to Austrian Throne - Visits Sarajevo Terrorist? Or Freedom Fighter? -Gavrill Princip - Shoots Archduke -Member of the Blackhand Assassination- 1914 -Austria threatens to punish Serbia Alliances 1914-1917 Austria-Germany-Turkey Serbia-Russia-France- Great Britain 1914 Germany invades Grance -Germans attack through Belgium -French stop German Troops -Both sides dig trenches-stop Leaders-Germany -Kaiser Wilhelm Leaders- France -General Foch and General Petain
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Leaders- England
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Unformatted text preview: -Prime Minister Lloyd Changing Transports-From horses to tanks Airplanes-1890- French Clement Ader- 1903 Wrights-1 st war use-1911 Libya-1 st Dogfight 1914- France shot down German- Reconnosince to fights Dogfights-From 100 planes to over 30,000-War becomes trench warfare-War goes to the Seas-Germans create the undersea boats (u boats)-US passengers sail on Lusitania May 7,1915 Lusitania attacked Zimmerman Note-1917-Telegram from Germ. To Mexico-Intercepted by British agents- Join Germany and Mexico is to recover territory of Texas, New Mexico, California...
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World War I - -Prime Minister Lloyd Changing...

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