Illegal Immigration - 1 Kevin Oakes March 7, 2008...

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1 Kevin Oakes March 7, 2008 Eng165W.35 Illegal Immigration The history of immigration dates back to the late 1400’s when Columbus sailed his ship in search for spices from Asia but landed upon a new world named America. Ever since people have heard of a “better” place out there, pioneers have always left to go find that utopia. Since the days of Columbus immigration has come a long way and has turned into a problem. In the past people would leave to migrate from place to place in search of land or to follow the herd. Now, people immigrate from country to country looking for the best resources and trying to find that perfect life. People leaving their communistic or run down country and come The United States of America in search of that “sweet” air of freedom or trying to chase that America dream. With everyday the population unofficially rising from the undocumented immigrant population, America is growing smaller and smaller. With these people taking the jobs that no naturally born citizen would ever think about taking, accepting the lousy pay. Why, just you can say you are chasing the American dream? Why leave your country in search of only hear say? Why come in illegally and not try to become a citizen of the greatest nation on earth? If you do make it across the border, how did you get passed our border patrol or
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2 coast guard? Are we the ones not doing our part to keep you out? Or are our efforts just not good enough? According to the Current Population Survey, there were 5.102 million undocumented aliens living in the United States in October 1995. Mexico is said to count for about fifty four percent of the undocumented population in the 1995 CPS or over 2.7 million persons (Haines 17). Mexico leads all other nations both in the number of foreign-born living in the United States and in the Quantity of new arrivals each year. With a population approaching one hundred million, Mexico cannot provide enough jobs for those entering its workforce every year. This pool of surplus labor, combined with the unskilled or entry-level jobs in the United States, has accounted for Mexico’s primary
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Illegal Immigration - 1 Kevin Oakes March 7, 2008...

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