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Internship term paper - Patricia Ade SD11 12 Con Mary Casey...

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Patricia Ade 05/17/07 Con: Mary Casey Internship Term Paper My internship is located at Ameritax Financial Advisors, which basically deals with financial planning and income tax returns. Among the accountants that are working in the office there is a marketing director, a lawyer and two mortgage brokers. I was given the tile of “Accountant Assistant”. My most important responsibility was to collate tax returns. In the process of collating I had to first make sure that I had two copies of the tax returns, if the client was electronically filing their tax returns. If the client requested a paper return I had to make three copies of their tax returns. Electronic filing is the easiest, because all you have to do is gather the clients documents (W-2 forms, interest income, dividends, social security benefits, pensions, etc…) and compare it the to what is on the tax returns to make sure that everything is accurate. While doing the tax returns if the client owes the IRS and the State or just one out of the two, I have to make sure that client receives a copy of the voucher attached with the right envelope to where the payment is being sent. If there is an error I just have to report it back to the accountant that is preparing the tax returns. While preparing paper returns I have
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Internship term paper - Patricia Ade SD11 12 Con Mary Casey...

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