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Cover Letter

Cover Letter - similar to the position that your company is...

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Patricia Ade 4823 Avenue M Brooklyn, NY 11234 (917) 547-9997 [email protected] July 11, 2007 Linwood Roberts SR. President and CEO Black Rain Records, INC. 1976 Flatbush Avenue Suite 500 Brooklyn, NY 11234 Dear Mr. Roberts, Your advertisement for a Marketing and Promotions Intern, appearing May 15, 2007 in the job board of Kingsborough Community College, immediately caught my attention because my education and training closely parallel your needs. According to your advertisement, the job includes a position for a term of 8-12 weeks; the focus will be on music promotion and Internet marketing under the department head all candidates will be considered for permanent employment at the close of the internship. A recent internship at Ameritax Financial Advisors introduced me to similar tasks. At my previous internship I helped promote a few branches in the tax field, which is somewhat
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Unformatted text preview: similar to the position that your company is offering in this ad. Intensive coursework in marketing and advertising, as well as proficiency in computer spreadsheets and databases has given me the kind of marketing and computing training that Black Rain Records, INC. demands in a Marketing and Promotions Intern. I’m confident that my academic preparation, my marketing experience and my ability to work well with others qualify me for this position. After you have examined the enclosed resume for details of my qualifications, I would be happy to answer questions. Please call me to arrange an interview at your convenience so that we may discuss how computer and communication skills would contribute to Black Rain Records, INC. Sincerely’ Patricia Ade Enclosure...
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