PRESS REALEASE - Administration. Miss. Ade has recently...

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Contact: Michael Goldstein (718) 368-5666 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: HEADLINE Goldman Sachs is doing it again Brooklyn, NY, July 23, 2007- Patricia Ade will be addressing the constant purchases of  the Infrastructure Partners of GOLDMAN SACHS. This will be taking affect today at  10:00 A.M. at room M348 of Kingsborough Community College.  As of July 16, 2007 GOLDMAN SACHS has bought 49 percent stake in Carrix INC.,  parent company of SSA Marine and Tideworks Technology. Miss. Ade will be talking  about GOLDMAN SACHS’s present, past, and future, while also focusing on the  company’s people, product, and location. Miss. Ade happens to be a student at Kingsborough and will be graduating at the end of  this semester. She will earn an Associate in Applied Science in Business 
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Unformatted text preview: Administration. Miss. Ade has recently completed her internship at Ameritax Financial Advisors. Miss. Ade great candidate for presenting this message for GOLDMAN SACHS because of her the many information she has gathered from her previous business projects Kingsborough Community College (KCC) located in Brooklyn, New York, serves more than 15,000 credit students and 15,000 continuing education students each year. Kingsborough is located on a 70-acre waterfront campus in Manhattan Beach, on the southern peninsula of Brooklyn. Founded in 1963, Kingsborough is one of twenty colleges in the City University of New York (CUNY) While the responsibility of maintaining the Goldman Sachs culture belongs to everyone at the firm, much of the firm's overall direction is led by the system. ##...
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PRESS REALEASE - Administration. Miss. Ade has recently...

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