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Exam01_06 - [9 A spherical air bubble is embedded in glam1...

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Unformatted text preview: [9] A. spherical air bubble is embedded in glam1 and a ray of light I eppreaehee the bubble an shew-m. With mtgeing my beet. represents the refracted rear alter it pm thmugh the bubble? W324! 1n. .' A J . 1' .. {b} B. {e} e. [d] n. {a} E. {1:1}me the fellewing is true efefl mum images? {a} they em be eeen but. net photographed. {b} they are ephemeral [the].r 1-5-51; far only at Ehmt time}. {a} they are emeller than the ebjeete 1:] they are larger than the objects. @- me at the mere. {IIJApuaflelh-eemefredlightinai: leineidenteneplene glaaeamfeee. In the glamtheheam: (a. mud. [th undersea diapeminn. {e} beenmee dimgng. [d] fellewe e. pmabafie path. {e} been-mee cmverging. ...
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