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HDF Brief Thought #6 - things I can’t change bother me...

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Danielle Tobin 35b Brief Thought #6 I believe cohabitation is a great way to determine if you and your partner are compatible on a domestic level. When you live together, you begin to see your partner’s habits in the home. You can love someone but cannot live with them due to these habits conflicting with your own values. The many little bad habits can add up and destroy a marriage through constant arguing and dissatisfaction with your living situation. I believe it’s better to know these things before you marry. I currently live with my boyfriend, and I’m beginning to figure out what things that bother me which I can change and what I can’t. Most importantly, do the
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Unformatted text preview: things I can’t change bother me enough to end the relationship? I was with my boyfriend 24/7 before we lived together, and I thought I knew everything about him. It wasn’t until I lived with him when I started to see all of his bad cleaning habits, which is a big deal to me. I would see laundry on the bed, but I thought, “Hey, he must have just pulled that out” or dishes left on the stove and think, “Hey, he must have just finished cooking.” I’m glad I knew this before marriage. I support cohabitation strongly....
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