hmwk2 - not the net force on the swimmer. The net force is...

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Week 2 Homework Due April 14. 1. Why is the optimal launch angle in shot put slightly less than 45 ? Ac- cording to the textbook, which factor is more important than launch an- gle in determining the range of the shot put? Which figure supports this assertion? 2. What is a sport (besides basketball) where accuracy is the most important factor in selecting the optimal launch angle? 3. A hockey puck sliding across the ice finally comes to rest. Is this a con- tradiction of Newton’s first law? How would you explain it (in physics language)? 4. Use the ideas of inertia and Newton’s 1st and 2nd laws to explain why offensive lineman in football are huge but running backs are not. 5. What is the net force on the blocking sled in Fig. 5-6c? What direction does it point? 6. Consider the diagram of speed and water drag force during the breast- stroke cycle that is shown on the next page. (Hint: the lower graph is
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Unformatted text preview: not the net force on the swimmer. The net force is the forward propulsive force minus the illustrated drag force.) (a) At what point in the cycle is the acceleration largest? (Describe in terms of what the swimmer is doing.) (b) What is the swimmer doing when the acceleration is large and neg-ative? (c) Name two different parts of the cycle when the water resistance force is larger than the forward propulsive force. (d) Estimate quantitatively the maximum acceleration. Hint: Read v and t from the top graph. . Week 3 Warmup Questions Submit answers by midnight Sunday April 13. 1. Warmup question for April 15. In karate, how do you break a board without getting hurt? 2. Warmup question for April 17. In rock climbing, why is it easier to climb a vertical chimney (a narrow opening with two walls) than a single rock face that is less steep? 1 2...
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hmwk2 - not the net force on the swimmer. The net force is...

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