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CHAPTER 15 - Marketing Notes CHAPTER 15 Promotional Mix...

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Marketing Notes CHAPTER 15 Promotional Mix: Combination of one or more of the communication tools used to inform, persuade, or remind prospective buyers. These tools include: Advertising Personal selling Sales promotion Public relations Direct marketing All of these tools can be used to: 1. Inform prospective buyers about the benefits of the product 2. Persuade them to try it 3. Remind them later about the benefits they enjoyed by using the product. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): Concept of designing marketing communications programs that coordinate all promotional activities to provide a consistent message across all audiences. The Communication Process Communication: Process of conveying a message to others. Source: company or person who has info to convey. Message: information sent by a source. Channel of communication: way message is conveyed, such as a salesperson. Receiver: Consumers who read, hear, or see the message. (perform decoding) Encoding: Process of having the sender transform an idea into a set of symbols.
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Decoding: The process of having the receiver take a set of symbols, the message, and transform them back to an idea. In order to effectively communicate a message, the sender and receiver must have a mutually shared field of experience (a similar understanding and knowledge they apply to the message). Feedback Feedback loop: a response and feedback . A response is the impact the message had on the receiver’s knowledge, attitudes, or behaviors. Feedback is the sender’s interpretation of the response and indicates whether the message was decoded and understood as intended.
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CHAPTER 15 - Marketing Notes CHAPTER 15 Promotional Mix...

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