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Jared Augenstein The Essay Form Professor Kumar Term Paper A Not So Luxurious Luxury Cruise I heard the shriek from downstairs. I had heard the sound many times before and had become so accustomed to it that my response to it was like clockwork. Judging from the tone of the yelp, the length it lasted, and the volume at which it was projected I figured that it was a pretty serious herniation. I jogged upstairs (the shriek wasn’t deserving of a run, but a walk would have been insufficient) and found my dad keeling over, onto his bed reaching for his aching back. Before he could open his mouth I was in my mom’s bitterly cold Buick on my way to CVS 1 to get his prescription back drugs. Jane Yuan (the pharmacist) and I were on a first name basis by this point. She knew the drill: my mom would call Jane (they were also on a first name basis), they would chat for about four-and-a-half minutes about vases or menopause - whatever it is that middle-aged women talk about - and then Jane would bottle the drugs for my dad. In their four-minute exchange, Jane and my mom would not even have to mention that I was coming to get the pills for my father; it was assumed. On this particular occasion my dad’s back injury posed a serious problem: in four hours we had a flight scheduled to Miami for a Caribbean cruise. So not only was my dad ruining his vacation, but he was also seriously impeding on my plans for the week. 1 Does anybody even know what CVS stands for? I didn’t, until I searched it on Google and found that there are 41 different interpretations of the acronym. I’m not sure how the list was organized because somewhere in the middle it skipped from “Chocolate, Vanilla Strawberry” to “Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.”
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My father is a doctor. I would like to think that a neuro-radiologist would have had enough brain over brawn to have realized that traveling with a recent disc-herniation was probably not the best idea 2 . Unfortunately, my father chose to be a paradigm among his fellow Americans, and set aside all troubles, medical or otherwise, in order to become one of those smiling faces seen so often in television infomercials, baking carelessly in the sand under a tropical orange sun. Tossing his cornucopia of pills in one bag, and his beach towel in the other, my father proclaimed himself “ready to go;” though my mother and I should have known better than to agree to the trip under the given circumstances, we were both so fed up with the bleak, frosty New England winter that we selfishly allowed ourselves to believe that he knew what he was doing and threw our luggage into the trunk alongside his.
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This essay was uploaded on 04/15/2008 for the course POLI 140 taught by Professor Gregory during the Fall '07 term at Vassar.

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Final Paper - Jared Augenstein The Essay Form Professor...

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