Democracy Ideal or Ideology (Revised)

Democracy Ideal or Ideology (Revised) - Jared Augenstein...

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Jared Augenstein Political Theory Professor Gregory Due: September 18, 2007 REVISED Democracy: Ideal or Ideology? Classifying democracy as either an ideal or an ideology is like comparing apples to oranges. It would be neither fair nor just to say that democracy is exclusively an ideal or an ideology. Obviously Terrence Ball and Richard Dagger believe that democracy is an ideal rather than an ideology, they make their stance rather clear on the first page of Ideals and Ideologies. 1 Ball and Dagger argue that “democracy is an ideal that different ideologies interpret in different ways”. They explain that the Greek interpretation of democracy isn’t necessarily concurrent with a Marxist’s interpretation. 2 Ball and Dagger support their argument throughout Ideals and Ideologies ; I will support the contradicting argument that democracy is in fact an ideology using Ball and Daggers four “functions” of an ideology: explanation, evaluation, orientation, and programming. In Pericles’
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Democracy Ideal or Ideology (Revised) - Jared Augenstein...

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