Chapter 4 Review

Chapter 4 Review - Jared Augenstein Introduction to...

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Jared Augenstein Introduction to Psychology Chapter 4 Learning Learning- A relatively permanent change in behavior that results from experience Habituation- The learning that occurs when repeated exposure to a stimulus decreases an organism’s responsiveness to the stimulus. Classical Conditioning- A type of learning that occurs when a neutral stimulus becomes paired (associated) with a stimulus that causes a reflexive behavior and, in time, is sufficient to produce that behavior. Pavlov’s Experiments Unconditioned stimulus (US)- A stimulus that elicits an automatic response (UR), without requiring prior learning Unconditioned response (UR)- The reflexive response elicited by a particular stimulus. Conditioned stimulus (CS)- An originally neutral stimulus that acquires significance through the “conditioning” of repeated pairings with an unconditioned stimulus (US) Conditioned response (CR)- A response that depends, or is conditional, on pairings of the conditioned stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus; once learned, the conditioned response occurs when the conditioned stimulus is presented alone. Acquisition- The technical name given to the initial learning of the conditioned response (CR) Before conditioning occurs, the CS does not lead to a conditioned response, but the US does. Then the CS is paired with the US—here, the tone is sounded and then the food is presented. Classical conditioning is complete when the CS elicits the conditioned response—here, the dog salivates after hearing the tone. Classical Conditioning: How It Works Avoidance learning- In classical conditioning, learning that occurs when a CS is paired with an unpleasant US that leads the organism to try to avoid the CS. Conditioned emotional response (CER)-
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Chapter 4 Review - Jared Augenstein Introduction to...

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