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interpretation of film notes 10-31-07

interpretation of film notes 10-31-07 - Interpretation of...

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Interpretation of Film HALLOWEEN! Upper level film classes! Documenting Sexualities (taught by Hallas), Hollywood by Hollywood, African Cinema Liberation, Indigenous Film in North America Stars (Cont’d) Paradoxical Relationship with stars: Desire / Identification On one hand, we desire stars (in either an emotional or sexual level) because they are unattainable and out of reach. They are framed as beyond reach, and other worldly. Stars are glorified and put on pedestals. On the other hand, we are fascinated by stars because we want them to be just like us, as unrealistic and funny as that may seem. - Individual Stars are important in pop culture, because they articulate and produce cultural meanings of the individual. - Social Categories We make sense of ourselves through class, religion, self, sexuality, race, gender, nationality, etc. Also, our interpretations of them lead us to “what it means to be……” - Public / Private Our lives are divided into public and private, framed as work versus home.
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