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interpretation of film notes 10-15-07

interpretation of film notes 10-15-07 - She becomes the...

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Interpretation of Film Notes 10-15-07 DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS -ways in which it transforms from film noir -lighting generally brighter than in most film noirs. Filmed in color. Lots of browns and yellows, warm tones, creating a greater sense of historical time, and also contrast greatly with the BLUE DRESS. Daphne at first appears to be the femme fatale, she is a mystery, and is seemingly involved in some of the murders, and we do not see her for a while. She is very seductive, and uses her sexuality in the hotel room; this makes her SEEM to be the femme fatale. Once we see the reason for her being chased (she has 2 things, the secret about her racial identity, and she has the pictures.
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Unformatted text preview: She becomes the “tragic mulatto”, the character who is biracial, born half black and half white, and he or she cannot seem to fit in with either side. Coretta could be the femme fatale, she uses her sexuality, she comes on to him, and she wants information…but then she got murdered. Prescripted approach- looking at a body of film and naming what genre they belong to. There are ideals and models and the purest and most ideal have all characteristics of that genre Descriptive approach-look at how genres function. Genres become a horizon of expectations. The horizon adjusts to the time and to the critics....
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