Interpretation of Film Notes 11-05-07

Interpretation of Film Notes 11-05-07 - -target audience...

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Classical Hollywood Cinema Mode of Production -Studio system was vertically integrated in that it owned: Production-studios Distribution-distributors Exhibition-movie theatres Textual Form Cultural Practice of Reception -“movie going” is a kind of “social ritual” -people would go to the movies 2-4 times per week -movie going was the primary means of entertainment
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Unformatted text preview: -target audience now teenage males, used to be completely mixed-hollywood entertainment has fantasy, escapism, an image of another, utopian, world. *****Dyer’s model of the appeal of entertainment forms-even the theatres were an escape, not just the films themselves...
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  • Cinema of the United States, Classical Hollywood cinema, Cultural Practice of Reception, Distribution-distributors Exhibition-movie theatres

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