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Physics Notes 09-17-07

Physics Notes 09-17-07 - Same with mew sub k V is velocity...

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Physics Notes 9-17-07 More mass=less acceleration -Newton’s first law is needed to establish what is known as an inertial reference frame -3 rd law needed for conservation of momentum -Normal Force- a contact force perpendicular from the contact surface that prevents the two objects from passing through one another -weight= mass * gravity Mew sub s is dimension-less It is just a number
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Unformatted text preview: Same with mew sub k V is velocity B is a parameter How to find v sub t = terminal velocity F sub i(initial force) pulls u at bv^2 F sub g = m*g Set b*(v sub t)^2 = m*g V sub t = the square root of (m*g) /b Chapter 4 #52 KE = ½(m*v)^2 .5mv sub I squared + m*g*h sub I = .5 mv sub p squared + mgh sub f Work done by gravity is: w = m*g*delta h...
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