Physics Notes 09-19-07

Physics Notes 09-19-07 - G y sub I =.5 v sub f squared V...

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Ball dropping problem: Y sub I = 78 m Y sub f = 0 m ME sub i = mgy sub I + .5(m v sub I) ^2 ME sub f = mgy sub f + >5(mv sub f squared) By conservation of energy ME sub I = ME sub f 1 = 2 Mgy sub I = .5(mv sub f squared)
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Unformatted text preview: G * y sub I = .5 v sub f squared V sub f = the square root of (2gy sub i) Square root of 2(9.81)(78) V sub f = 39.1198 m/s Ski slope problem: V sub f = square root of (2 gy sub i),...
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