Interpretation of Film 10-29-07

Interpretation of Film 10-29-07 - -Cribs (“stars at...

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-Work goes in to making a star -an actor’s star image is a commodity, just like a film is Aspects that make up the Star Image -films that they are in -Interviews -Public Appearances (award shows, premieres, junkets, talk shows) -Print articles (newspapers, magazines) -reviews -endorsements/advertising -web sites (fan sites or official web sites) -public service (political and humanitarian activities) -toys and games -gossip culture (scandals) -intertextual references -presskits -biographies -“making of” documentary mode
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Unformatted text preview: -Cribs (“stars at home” genre)-parodies-cross media activities-trailers/posters WHO CREATES THE IMAGE?-Themselves-Entertainment Industry-Audience LABOR AND CAPITAL AND CONSUMPTION Labor and capital create a commodity 4 Reasons why stars are important-stars are individuals the individual is the principal organizing concept of our society-social categories we make sense of our lives through the stars-public/private-nature of labor and work...
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Interpretation of Film 10-29-07 - -Cribs (“stars at...

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