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Timshel (East of Eden) - SGW East of Eden, fulfillment lies. What life can offer the garden hides. If masked illusion should guide the day, The "happy" shell eventually will break away. A fleeting vision that the world is pure Leaves one ill-prepared for what they must endure. Unfairly held to perfect measure, Might stop the soul from knowing pleasure. For where one cannot see a darkened sky, Tomorrow’s sun shined air is just a lie. Better yet to know, somewhere within is held, Hidden parts of evil with goodness meld. The struggle’s wrought with tribulation; Makes sometimes arduous, self-preservation. A delicate balance to not concede; Within corrupted ways we might recede. And at the crossroads, in time, all shall know The choice is ours which way to go. Thou mayest set right the sins you’ve laid, And chance the joys of life be made. So in this war the scales gently quiver Toward the choice the mind might soon deliver.
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