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What Is a Narrative: A Narrative is a piece of work, in which a story is told, not necessarily with the voice of a narrator, but in the sense that the film itself is acting as that narrator. It gives you a sense of tone and emotion as well as the facts, much like a narrator with a voice would, and it immerses the viewer in the story world. Narrative: a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. Not necessarily in chronological order, but it must have a beginning, middle, and an end. It must have events. Characters have desires. There is cause and effect. This drives the narrative to moveforward. We tend to be alignedwith the protagonist, and against the antagonist. Motivation- the “why” of narratives. What has motivated it? Dialogue tells us why a character does what they do, what they are going to do next, and why they will do it. Linearity- the notion that we have a clear beginning, middle, and end. It may be presented to us in a different order, but in the end we can work out the linear chain
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Unformatted text preview: of events. Closure- The end resolves problems, conflicts, antagonisms. In the end of a classical narrative, problems are answered. Usually, hero vanquishes villain, usually romantic pairing solves everything. Plot lines that are not tied to the main plot line are minimal. Usually weave back in to help tie up ends. One example, is the hero versus villain with a romantic interest for the hero. Characters have a clearly defined psychological makeup. Moral Binaries, Conflicts between good and evil are very old ideas from the judeo-christian belief systems. Story Vs Plot Plot = events of the narrative in the order they are presented to us, the order it is presented, and the way they are presented ON SCREEN Story = only ever in our heads. It is the mental construct that we produce in our heads as we are watching a film or reading a novel. Narration = fundamental act of story telling Narrative structure is the cause and effect diagram, gives structure of events in chronological order....
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