Interpretation of Film Notes 9-26-07

Interpretation of Film Notes 9-26-07 - Any other sounds...

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Interpretation of Film Notes 9-26-07 SOUND -complex layering of sounds, between tv, ambient noise, muffled conversations, etc -sound helps set scene in a specific place Sound Hierarchy -the ordering of elements of sound. Includes dialogue, music(score, diegetic music), sound effects(foley sounds, incidental sounds, atmospheric sound, special effects) -Dialogue is usually at the top of the hierarchy. -There are times where other elements may overtake dialogue, such as in a montage sequence, or others. Sound Perspective -louder sounds are genuinely considered closer, weaker sounds are genuinely considered farther away. -Same with left and right Diegetic/Non-diegetic -Comes from diegesis, greek for in the story world. -Diegetic is something that is happening in the story world, if a character turns on a radio, for example. -Diegetic can be one of two things, internal or external. Internal diegetic sounds are a character’s thoughts, something within his or her head.
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Unformatted text preview: Any other sounds that can be heard by another character are external diegetic noise. Synchronous/asynchronous-if image fits sound, it’s synchronized. If we cannot see the source of the sound, then it is asynchronous. On/Off Screen Sound-sound coming from something on or off screen.-off screen a synchronous when it comes from outside the story world, or if you hear something from an earlier scene. Voice off/Voice over-Voice off= a voice from off screen, we hear someone’s reaction to someone else’s talking, they may not be on screen, but they are in the scene.-Voice over = the non-diegetic layering of a non-in story voice over everything else-a voice over may also introduce a flashback Point Blank (1967) John Boorman-British Filmmaker-Came to Hollywood, when it needed new blood-Influenced by Godard, and Breathless-revenge drama, crime thriller, pay attention to sound layering, etc...
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Interpretation of Film Notes 9-26-07 - Any other sounds...

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