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Twinkie Defense- biological explanation of crime -Cesare Lambroso- medical doc in 1800’s, incluenced by Darwin, theory of Atavism (throwback to earlier humans) 1. Dark skin 2. heavy brow 3. hairy 4. flat features (nose) 5. most came from Southern Italy Utilitarianism- greatest good for the greatest amount of people *Maximize pleasure, minimize pain (so to stop crim. Activity you increase the pain) -*Jeremy Bentham Social Conflict Theory -*Karl Marx- believed that rich/powerful people make laws to protect them and maintain/perpetuate their social status, wealth, power, etc -Robert Merton- came up with the Labeling theory (juveniles charged w/minor offences
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Unformatted text preview: are labeled ‘outlaws’) • “role model” • “self fulfilling prophecy”-Emile Durkheim- came up w/theory of Anomie *Ring of Gyges *A kind of alienation from old values and morality **Elements of crime and defenses (=substantive criminal law) **Rights of the accused (search & seizure, amendments)- criminal procedure Crmin.- need all jurors Civil- need super majority Mens Rea=guilty mind (crim. Intent) Actus Reas=guilty act/crim. Act Factual guilt=probable cause (must have to make arrest) Legal guilt= need to get conviction for crime (beyond reasonable doubt)...
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