CJ 11-7 - U.S., supreme ct.-only hears civil cases- TX,...

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ORGANIZATION OF COURTS Jurisdiction- authority to hear a case 1) Limited Jurisdiction- misdemeanor/petty offenses Keywords: justice of peace, municipal court, county court, magistrate, tribal courts *94% of criminal cases are LJ 2) General Jurisdiction- felonies *6% of cases are GJ 3) Exclusive Jurisdiction- certain kind of case Keywords: juvenile court, probate, bankruptcy 4) Concurrent Jurisdiction- 2 courts can hear same case 5) Original Jurisdiction- trial courts 6) Appealate Court- hears a case 1 of 2 ways: on the record (requires writ of certiorari- case is being reviewed by panel of judges), Writ of habeas corpus (“you have a body”, gov’t is holding somebody illegally, you’ve got new evidence and you’re asking for the case to be reopened again) (tx has 2 levels of appellate court: intermediate & court of last resort [supreme courts-
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Unformatted text preview: U.S., supreme ct.-only hears civil cases- TX, Court of Criminal Appeals- hears only criminal cases- TX]) *trial court/ court of first instance are judged. *Trial De Novo- new trial (again). Condition: when JP or Muni. Courts are not courts of record (means theres no transcript or recording of trial) *overlapping jurisdiction- both courts have jurisdiction where the case overlaps TEXAS COURT SYSTEM *Supreme Court--- Court of Criminal Appeals *Court of Appeals *District Court (general jurisdiction) ---*Juvenile Courts *County Court (LJ)-attorney *Justice of the Peace (LJ)-no attorney requirement-partisan election *Municiple Courts (LJ)-Judge is appointed FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM *Court of Appeals (aka Circuit Court) *District Court (GJ) --- Bankruptcy Court *Magistrate (is a lower court) (LJ)...
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