4-15 - -2000: 45% +-Canada: only 20% attend-Tax...

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SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS -The structured patterns of agreed upon social relationships. Institutions in our Society -Education -Religion -Economy -Government -Family -Military, Mass Media, Health Care, Sport could also be… EDUCATION Characteristics of US Education -Commitment to Mass Education -Everyone has the right to a free education -It is also compulsory -High school completion -1900: 7% -1940: 50% -1990: 80% -2000: 85.5% -Texas ranks 47 th w/79% -2003 Report Public School Graduation Study -Class of ’03: 70% grad rate -White students 78%; Asian 72%; African American 55%; Latino 53% -Females 72%; Males 67% -College Attendance -1900: 4% -1940: 16% -1990: 40%
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Unformatted text preview: -2000: 45% +-Canada: only 20% attend-Tax Everyone-Ppl w/o children-Ppl whose children attend private schools-Benefits entire society-Utilitarian Emphasis-Try to solve social problems-Social engineering-Education seen as a cure all for societal ills-Community control-What is or is not taught-45% of funding comes from local school district-Functionalist Explanation-Transmitting culture-Extends the socialization process-Personal development-Conflict Explanation-Schools reinforce the existing social structure of inequality-Correspondence principle; prepare students for the types of jobs suited for that social class....
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4-15 - -2000: 45% +-Canada: only 20% attend-Tax...

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