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MARRIAGE & DIVORCE -Divorce rose sharply from 1960 and leveled off in 1980 REASONS FOR THE RISE AND DECLINE OF DIVORCE -created by today’s baby boomer generation -trend of self realization TRIAL MARRIAGE -After 10yrs of marriage 38% who lived together divorced & 27% who did not live together divorced -Couples who cohabit are more willing to accept divorce as solution to marital problems -Less likely to be subject to family pressure to stay married.
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Unformatted text preview: SOURCES OF MARITAL INSTABILITY-Age at marriage-Teens not comfortable w/role-Meeting on the rebound-Spouses’ family are different in terms of race, religion, ses (socioeconomicstatus)-Couple is dependent on extended family ($)-Married after dating of less than 6 months or after an engagement of more than 3 years.-Marital patterns in either spouse extended family were unstable.-Wife became pregnant before or w/in first year of marriage...
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