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4-8 - -Endogamy*must marry w/in your own(racial group...

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THE FAMILY CHANGES -Dual income earners -Single parent households -Babies born out of wedlock *1/3 of all live births are to unmarried women *1/4 pregnancies end in abortion *50% marriages end in divorce -Nuclear family (increase) -Extended family (decrease) PATTERNS OF MARRIAGE -Monogamy -Serial Monogamy *get married, stay faithful, divorce, get married, stay faithful, divorce, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: -Endogamy *must marry w/in your own (racial group, community, social-economic class, etc)-Exogamy *practice of marrying outside your group-Homogamy *tendency for ppl to marry ppl similar to them 4 UNIVERSAL ASPECTS OF FAMILY LIFE 1. Rules 2. Communication 3. Link to Society 4. Selfworth...
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