3-18 - on what are perceived to be race characteristics-the...

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RACE & ETHNIC RELATIONS MINORIITY GROUP -any distinct group that shares common characteristics & is forced to occupy low status in society -not necessarily a numerical minority, regardless of size holds low status relative to other groups. MAJORITY GROUP -the Dominant group holds the power in society -virtually every society has majority and minority groups ETHNIC GROUP -social category of people who share a common culture -have a consciousness of their common cultural bond -Ethnic groups develop because of unique historical and social experiences -Ethnic Identity is the definition the group has of itself as sharing a common cultural bond RACIAL GROUP -a group treated as distinct in society on the basis of certain characteristics some of which are biological that are assigned social importance RACIALIZATION -a process whereby some social category such as social class or nationality takes
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Unformatted text preview: on what are perceived to be race characteristics-the Jewish experience-the Irish experience: early 20 th c. defined as an inferior race; “negroes turned inside out” CHARACTERISTICS-Prejudice-Discrimination-Institutional Discrimination-Racism *Prejudice focuses on a negative attitude, belief or feeling about someone based on race or ethnicity. STEREOTYPES & SALIENCE-stereotype is an over simplified set of beliefs about members of a social group-the salience principle states that we categorize people on the basis of what appears initially prominent and obvious about them.-skin color, gender, age-Discrimination focuses on the behavior (usually negative) of people towards another person or group INSTITUTIONAL DISCRIMINATION-1 st version: legalized & backed by the state, overt & intended, direct. -2 nd version: unintentional, indirect...
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3-18 - on what are perceived to be race characteristics-the...

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