CJ 8-27 - *keywords rules and regulations*90 of US law is A.L 5 Treaties honored with Constitutional Law 6 Model Penal Code(written in 1962

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Formal Criminal Justice- written rules, laws, “by the book” Sources of Criminal Law 1) Common Law (i.e. common law marriage)- Judge-made law, law made by the courts, court opinions/decisions *Roe v. Wade- constitutional right left to the woman *Brown v. Board of Edu.- cannot discriminate against race -most common law is now statutory law 2) Statutory Law- Legislature-made law *codes/statutes 3) Constitutional Law- supreme law of the land 4) Administrative Law- Bureaucrat-made law, agency-made law
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Unformatted text preview: *keywords: rules and regulations *90% of US law is A.L. 5) Treaties- honored with Constitutional Law 6) Model Penal Code- (written in 1962) Scholar-made law *EX: capital murder- tx 1 st deg. Murder- iowa Murder w/malice aforethought w/special circumstances- ca Informal Criminal Justice- “in action”, discretion(ary) *Misdemeanors- 56% no action taken *Felonies- 42% no action taken...
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