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CJ 9-10 - Medical Fraud(healthcare • Insurance Fraud •...

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Victimless Crimes (no complaining witness) Prostitiution Gambling Drug Fornication (no sex before marriage) Cohabitation Anti-miscegenation Law- black ppl couldn’t marry ppl of other race (goes back to the colonial days) Status Crimes (juvenile) Curfew MIP Truancy White Collar Crimes (occupational) Embezzlement Bribery Mail Fraud Tax Fraud
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Unformatted text preview: Medical Fraud (healthcare) • Insurance Fraud • Police Brutality (?) *We measure crime to address it. Address criminal crime/activity to try to reduce it. Frequency (aka frequency) - how often Duration- how long Desistance- when crime stops (demographic characteristics) Prevalence- the proportion of the population engaged in crime...
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