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2 million+ locked up in prison/jail TX- 720/100,000 ND- 110/100,000 500,000+ locked up for narcotic/drug offenses Obama- weed, coke Clinton, Gore, Gingrich, Colton- weed 5% inmates female 1% deathrow “ 42% illiterate 80% abused substance 80% H.S. dropouts SEX OFFENDERS 88% child molestors reoffend CASTRATIONS (2) Chemical- Depo-Provera Surgical- removal of testes Europeans- 2% reoffend EVOLUTION OF PRISONER RIGHTS (3 stages) 1. Hands-off (1776-1964) a. Inmate= “slave of the state”
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Unformatted text preview: b. Ruffin v. Commonwealth (1871) 2. Hands-on (1964-1979) a. Inmates have constitutional rights b. Cooper v. Pate (1964) 3. Restrained Hands-On (1979-present) a. Religion, sanitation, medical, food, safety ACCESS TO LAWYERS Jailhouse lawyers Inmates w/legal knowledge 1. law clerk- inmates assigned by prison officials to rep. other inmates (not effective) 2. freelancers (“writ writers”)- independent inmates...
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