CJ 10-1 - -tithing(10 males age 12-county/hundred(10...

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Police -Greek -Politeia: citizen engaged in political activity -Idiotes: citizen not engaged in political activity History: 1 st police forces -Egypt & Mesopotamia (1500 BC) -Roman Empire (Ceasar Augustus: 6 AD) English Originals -Norman Conquest (1066 Battle of Hastings): William “The Conquerer” Frankpledge System
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Unformatted text preview: -tithing (10 males, age 12+)-county/hundred (10 tithings)-shire: grouping of counties- Reeve (#1 male)- Shire Reeve: Sheriff-1829- England- 1 st modern police force-industrial revolution-public funding of police- uniform, terms-prime minister- Robert Peel- bobbies...
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