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CJ 10-3 - 1 federal 2 state 3 local 4 private Federal 1 US...

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20 th Century- Reform August Valmer- reformer 1. modernizes police depts. 2. recruitment- based on merit 3. professionalism 4. college education for police officers 5. modern technology/science 1% of municipal police have bachelor’s degree 1900- 0% women in police force 1900-1930- social workers 1940- crime fighters 2007- 11-12% police officers are made up of women Law enforcement organization
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Unformatted text preview: 1. federal 2. state 3. local 4. private Federal 1. US Marshalls office a. Protect federal courts b. Guard c. Fugitive laws d. Serve summonses e. Custody of evidence 2. immigration and customs enforcement a. immigration and naturalization service i. smuggling of ppl- deportation b. US Customs service i. Smuggling of objects ii. Cargo and baggage...
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