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Know: Police Brutality -Rodney King: black man from L.A.; severely beaten by police -Abner Louima: Haitian immigrant, black man, arrested in night club, on way to police station police supposedly beat him and raped him -Amadou Diallo: African immigrant (Guinea), black, fired 41 times (19 bullets in body) -SAPD Police Chief- William McManus History of policing
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Unformatted text preview: -who were 2 ancient empires to firtst handle police? Egypt & Mesopotamia Frank Pledge system 1829- England creates 1 st modern police system Police depts. (federal/state) Studies on policing Ammendments to the US Constitution Court cases: Matt v. Ohio Terry v. Ohio Tensy v. Garner 4,5,6,8 Ammendments Names of victims of police brutality...
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