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THE GLOBE THEATER AND WILLAIM SHAKESPEARE INFOGRAPHIC T h e B e s t B r i t i s h W r i t e r O f A l l T i m e THE GLOBE THEATER FUN FACTSDuring the Elizabethan era, QueenElizabeth I reigned.Queen Elizabeth was a Protestant and wasconstantly in danger of being assassinatedby Catholics who wanted to replace herwith Mary, Queen of Scots.FUN FACTS Shakespeare published his first play in the Elizbethan era. Under the Elizabethan era (except for country people) most British people in the Elizabethan era drank ale, beer, cider or wine instead of water. Because water was contaminated and not safe to drink. Source Cited -15 top shakespeare facts! (2020, April 29). Retrieved February 04, 2021, from -The globe. (n.d.). Retrieved February 04, 2021, from - world/the-globe/ -Malandra, O. (2018, June 25). Ten facts on the Elizabethan times. Retrieved February 04, 2021, from
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