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STATS Ch 9 and 10 HW

STATS Ch 9 and 10 HW - week say life are exciting as do 2/3...

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Homework for 10/23/07 1. Males tend to have exclusively female partners and vice versa for women. 100% of male respondents have only female partners while 90% of female respondents have only male partners. 5% of female respondents have female partners while 5% have both. Association is a very strong one. 2. 3. The respondents that have sex more regularly are more likely to say life is exciting. Nearly 88% of those who have sex about once a
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Unformatted text preview: week say life are exciting as do 2/3 of those who have sex 2 to 3 times a week or more. 50% of those who have sex not at all or once a month or less say that life is exciting. Association is a moderate one. 4. 1. Native American and Hispanic respondents are the ones most likely to believe that premarital sex is not wrong at all. Other race respondents tend to believe the exact opposite....
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